Jury Award

Jury Award

Nuuk International Film Festival launched in 2018, the first honor award went to Alanis Obomsawim. In 2019 NIFF launched the first jury award for best short film and best feature length film. These are the awards that will be given away again in 2020.

It is an honor to make a jury award, made by Peter “Kujooq” Kristiansen.

The Jury award represents Nuuk with its urban style, given that the stone was found in Radiofjeldet at the housing buildings in Nuuk, but also represents the solid huge arctic landscape. 

Festival Director, Pipaluk K. Jørgensen

Jury 2023

Ane Marie Ottosen

Karsten Sommer

Jury 2022

Mika Lyberth

Paninnguaq Heilmann

Pipaluk Lykke


​Winners of Jury Award 2021

Best Documentary – Eatnameamet – Our silent struggle – by Suvi West

Best Short Film – Al-sit – by Suzannah Mirghani

Best Feature – Beans – by Tracy Deer


​Jury 2021

​Kim Larsen – TV manager

Nivi Pedersen – Filmmaker

Malik Kleist – CEO of Filmiliortarfik


Winners of Jury Award 2020

Best short film – In the Shadows of the Tugtupite

Best feature film – The Sun Above Me Never Sets


Jury 2020

Nina Paninnguaq Skydsbjerg Jacobsen – Producer

Ane Lena Fussing Rosbach – Producer

Bill Bering – Artistic Director


Winners of Jury Award 2019

Best short film – Hedtoft

Best feature film – The Grizzlies

Jury 2019

Marc Fussing Rosbach – Filmmaker

Klaus Georg Hansen – Film.gl Chairman

Nina Paninnguaq Skydsbjerg Jacobsen – Producer

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